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What Is The Calculus of Life?

The Calculus of Life is Dave Monette’s method for reconnecting to who we are at our highest potential. It utilizes the fundamental processes of calculus—differentiation and integration—to restore parts of ourselves that have been lost, injured, or forgotten in the rush of life. This work begins by exploring our physical presence as a grounding portal for higher awareness, starting with differentiating parts of the physical body through neuromuscular re-education, and then parts of the nervous system through Craniosacral Therapy. From there, we identify, refine, and reconnect higher layers of cognition, function and awareness through guided Raja yoga meditations. All this can produce visionary states of awareness—including Unity with all of creation. These elevations into transcendence bring more wonder into our life—uplifting ourselves and others along the way.

What Are Calculus of Life Sessions?

These sessions are therapeutic table sessions performed with the client full clothed (minus shoes and glasses). The work is gentle and generally painless. It’s very rare that anything in a session would increase the client’s pain level more than they have been previously experiencing. Pain reduction is common.

Every Calculus of Life table session starts with an initial orientation to enhanced grounding that settles the client’s nervous system. This is followed by a personalized combination of the physical and subtle techniques that are described in each successive chapter of this book. This includes studies in full-body resonance, structural neuromuscular re-education, Craniosacral Therapy, emotional integration techniques, breath meditations, and guided Raja yoga meditations. These modalities and techniques not only are complementary; they also augment each other, amplifying rather than merely adding their effects.

The key to all aspects of the Calculus of Life lies in expansive integrations that awaken one’s core receptivity. In these times of polarity and conflict, the challenge of becoming more receptive and accepting of others, as well as more conscious of how and why we act in the ways we do—fuels our health and wellbeing. It also likely holds the hope and promise of our future.

About Dave Monette

“The best trumpet maker in the world . . . Dave Monette. Watching Dave’s development as a trumpet maker has made me strive for another level of development as a trumpet player. I want to live up to playing his horns.”

Wynton Marsalis

Pulitzer Prize Winner

Founder and Artistic Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center

Dave Monette is a trumpet maker, yoga and meditation teacher, and craniosacral therapist. His comprehensive method of working with clients, the Calculus of Life, is based on his experiences at the intersection of these practices.

Over his 40 years of making instruments and teaching yoga and meditation, Dave has given workshops and master classes at major concert halls, universities, and music schools throughout North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Brazil, and Japan. His clients include internationally acclaimed musicians, composers, and recording artists, including Pulitzer Prize recipient and Jazz at Lincoln Center founder Wynton Marsalis, and Academy of Arts and Letters member Terence Blanchard.

Artists and arts enthusiasts the world over know Dave not only from his musical instruments, but also by his orientation to esoteric yoga and meditation. His holistic approach to working with clients has been featured in two PBS television specials and written up in the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, and Industrial Design magazine.

Dave is known to corporate and industrial design audiences for his meditative approach to innovation and for channeling higher creative inspirations. Design teams from companies such as Nike, Adidas, Procter & Gamble, and General Electric have visited his trumpet studio for consultations on meditative access to Source.

With the publication of this book documenting his method, Dave looks forward to working with healthcare professionals who already practice hands-on work and want to expand into subtler levels of their current practice. He shares the method described in these pages through individual in-person and remote sessions, and in group classes and workshops.

Dave’s presentations always include practical guided meditations from which anyone can benefit. His accessible approach to teaching makes his method come to life for each participant, allowing them to experience grounded expansions in awareness—the foundation for the multidimensional states that elite artists experience at peak moments of performance.

Public Speaking

Dave Monette enjoys giving presentations on resonance, design, and the Calculus of Life to corporate, business and university groups. Please email for availability and rates.

Past Presentations:

The Materials Research Society
Society of North American Goldsmiths
The American Physical Society (Northwest Section Meeting)
Nike Corporation Annual Design Conference
Adidas American Design Group
University of North Texas Physics Department
University of North Texas Music Department
International Trumpet Guild
Royal Danish Opera (Trumpet Section)
Indiana University School of Music
University of Minnesota School of Music
State University of New York Purchase College
Western Michigan University Gilmore School of Music
University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance
Florida State University College of Music
University of Nebraska School of Music
Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne, Germany
Portland Monthly Magazine Brainstorm Even
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Music Department
Nonaka Boeki, Tokyo, Japan
Craft in America Center, Los Angeles, Ca.

Table Sessions

  • 120 Minute Initial In-Person Calculus of Life Session $320

  • 90 Minute Follow-Up Calculus of Life Session $240

  • 60 Minute Follouw-Up Calculus of Life Session $160

  • 90 Minute Follow-Up Telephone or Zoom Session* $240

  • 60 Minute Follow-Up Telephone or Zoom Session* $160

*An initial in-person Calculus of Life session is required prior to scheduling a telephone or Zoom session.

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