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"I was always taught that the trumpet is a mirror of the mind and spirit. Playing Dave’s trumpets for 40 years has strengthened this connection, allowing me to grow as an artist. Working with him has helped me understand our breath and how it relates to the world of spirit. Dave’s new book extends this connection by explaining how to tune into the universal vibration—a vibration that can heal souls in ways accessible not only to musicians but to anyone, even beyond the realm of music.”


Classical and Jazz Recording Artist and Composer

Member, American Academy of Arts and Letters

I’m Dave Monette, a trumpet maker, Yoga/meditation teacher, and Craniosacral Therapist. My book, The Calculus of Life: Navigating our Path to Transcendence, is based on the esoteric intersection of these three practices. Here’s why I find this fascinating….

Elite jazz musicians, advanced yogis, and Biodynamic Cranial practitioners all experience transcendental states at peak moments in their practice—at times including Unity with all of creation. These experiences can reveal the source of all of manifestation—the “Source” that the Ancient Greeks and other cultures throughout history have known as the 5th Element. Biodynamic Cranial practitioners know it as Dynamic Stillness. Advanced yogis know of it from Raja yoga practices described in the Yoga Sutras. Elite jazz musicians know it as the origin of unlimited creative expression.

If someone unexpectedly experiences a connection to Source, they may wonder what happened, how they got there, and what they can do to recreate this extraordinary experience. I wrote this book to take the mystery out of all this—to create a practical, layperson’s manual for anyone who dreams of accessing the most transcendental states of being. These states can provide extreme experiences of creative flow and renewal—and a higher global perspective beyond the polarity and division we read about every day in the news. 

My book and method, The Calculus of Life, utilizes the fundamental properties of calculus—differentiation and integration—to help us access more of who we are at our highest potential. This begins by exploring how to engage our physical presence as a grounding portal for higher awareness; starting with differentiating the physical body through neuromuscular re-education, and the nervous system through Craniosacral Therapy. Successive chapters of my book then cover how to identify and integrate the somatic source of our intellectual, emotional, and intuitive selves. These steps alone often produce life-changing awakenings. Next comes identifying, refining, and integrating awareness of the Biodynamic Cranial tides, the torus field around us, and our primary and second-order centers of function and awareness—esoteric layers of being that animate us in every facet of life. Identifying, refining, and integrating these extraordinary layers of being can take us into visionary states of awareness.

Praise for
The Calculus of Life

“I have experienced meditation, Yoga, and massage therapies of various kinds, along with the Alexander Technique, acupuncture, and a variety of spiritual practices throughout my life. None of this has had as profound an effect on my wellbeing or been as deeply meaningful to me as my sessions with Dave Monette.

“Dave’s work goes ‘beyond the beyond,’ reconnecting not only structural body parts with each other, but also facilitating new states of cognizance, expansion, and integration into one’s deepest, truest self. This book pulls back the curtain on this process of experiencing what for many of us are previously unheard-of fields of esoteric renewal and connectedness to the universe. His book makes this reconnection available to all.”

Edmund Cord

Emeritus Professor of Music

Indiana University

“Dave Monette’s work and touch are the most transformative I’ve ever experienced. With the sharp mind of an engineer and the gracious heart of a yogi, Dave works in the realm of subtlety and detail, feeling and articulating the subtle energies that animate the human body and spirit. His ability to bridge the most universal fields of being to the physical realm orchestrates deep healing and higher understanding both individually and collectively in his clients and students.”


Erin McVey

CMT, Certified Yoga Teacher

San Rafael, California

“The Calculus of Life work I’ve done with Dave Monette has provided transcendent results. As an older martial artist, I have struggled with physical balance in a discipline where balance is key. My balance improved immediately as a result of a four-day intensive with Dave. I find myself more efficient and consistent in the way I use my body in a variety of Kenpo stances, including kicking, striking, and blocking. I find this fairly remarkable, given that our work together was not physical or structural; it was all hands-off, grounding into high-level Raja Yoga activations. Through these enhanced practices I’m able to simply bring more of myself to my performance—in music and in martial arts. I look forward to discovering how many other places in my life will be enhanced through this work I’ve explored with Dave.”


Manny Laureano

Black Belt in Kenpo Karate

Principal Trumpet, Minnesota Orchestra

“The healing experiences I’ve had on Dave Monette’s table have been nothing short of transcendental. His gentle touch, paired with his profound knowledge, keen awareness, and ability to listen to what my system needs, allows all levels of my being to come back into alignment. I’m not simply referring to the alignment of my own body, mind, and soul; I leave our sessions vibrating at a higher level, feeling connected to and supported by forces that are beyond me. Dave offers the essence of true healing—teaching people to heal themselves! I cannot express enough my excitement to explore his new book, The Calculus of Life: Navigating our Path to Transcendence; an invaluable gift to us all.”


Laura Salvatore


Portland, Oregon

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