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"This cosmic Reality is so immense and overwhelming that it is only when we are at our best that we can catch glimpses of it…”

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Elusive Obvious

"Exploring the Calculus of Life helps us experience these glimpses more often... hold them longer... and expand on the experiences to share with others.”

Dave Monette

Throughout my years of working with world-class artists, they have often told me about extraordinary experiences they have had during peak moments in performance. They describe being onstage and experiencing a shift washing through them that warps their perception of time and space. They often say that they felt huge, filling the entire venue and beyond; connected not only to their audience, but to all of creation in a transcendent, magical experience.

As a result of my lifelong interest in esoteric Yoga and mind-body studies, I am familiar with what these artists experience from other contexts. Advanced yogis experience these same transcendental expansions during meditation, and Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioners work from these elevated fields in their client sessions. The common thread connecting these groups is how meditative immersion can provide access to the Source Field of unlimited possibility.

This Source Field was known to the Ancient Greek scholars as the 5th Element of Aether. Indian Yogis know it as Akasha. Craniosacral practitioners know it as Dynamic Stillness. It is recognized in many traditions as the Source of all of creation. During expansions into this realm, seekers are no longer bound by the creative and technical limitations they previously knew. They are able to extend beyond themselves into a Unity of being with all that is.

Many musicians, advanced Yoga practitioners, and others may believe these experiences are rare or even once-in-a-lifetime events. They often don’t understand how they got there, and they usually don’t have the knowledge or tools to experience these expansive states at will—especially when they are outside the comfort zone of the field of expertise that took them there.

The Calculus of Life is a method for accessing these higher realms by reconnecting to more of who we’ve always been. Exploring our higher potential can elevate anyone to these same expansive states. This journey starts with structural techniques for restoring our physical well-being, and progresses through successively more expansive fields of being that can culminate in transcendental experiences—including merging into Unity with all of creation.

Following this progression in expansive awareness can facilitate enhanced performance in any life task. It can also produce a higher global awareness, and a sense of grounded connection and strength linked to our home on the physical plane—the earth. This grounding provides a foundation for expanding beyond ourselves into a comprehensive unity of purpose with all living things, including the earth as a living entity.

Given the existential threats to humanity’s future that we read about daily in the news, helping people to transcend the limited awareness that led to these global threats can be a fundamental key to addressing them more effectively. To this end, the Calculus of Life offers a path for integrative reconnection to Source, transcending the polarities that keep us from our embodied divinity. This transcendence may hold the key to humanity’s evolution. I look forward to when this expansive elevation of consciousness will be realized and accepted en masse as a new normal.

Foundational elements in this reconnection are described in each successive chapter of this book. These include how to be more in tune with ourselves and others (resonance), how to better express our life’s purpose (embodied communication), and how to strengthen our nervous system to facilitate renewal and expansions in our awareness (Craniosacral Therapy). Other key aspects include the release of habitual patterns of movement and behavior that no longer serve us (neuromuscular re-education), the resolution of emotional trauma as it spans our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and higher aspects-of-self (emotional integration), and the expansion and integration of heightened awareness into all dimensions of life (Raja Yoga).

The fundamental principles for understanding these elements are explained in Part One of this book, with step-by-step guided Raja Yoga meditations following in Part Two. Three dozen session accounts throughout the book give real-world examples of how these pursuits can transform our day-to-day lives, uplifting ourselves and others. It’s my hope that describing these expansions and the means for achieving them will help take the mystery out of these experiences.

The Calculus of Life is not magic...but it often seems magical. This book can benefit anyone who has witnessed extraordinary experiences of human performance in any field of endeavor—experiences that seemed larger than life—and then wondered if they could experience some of that same magical inspiration in their own lives. They can....

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