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Zach was in a few months ago for his first shop visit... he was so fun to work with! He's a brilliant human actor, comedian----and now a writer and director. On the side, he's an accomplished amateur trumpet player!

We spent 45 minutes talking about the creative process and the experience of tapping into the Source of unlimited possibility. Biodynamic Cranial practitioners know this as Dynamic Stillness. Plato and the Ancient Greeks knew it as the 5th Element. This is a main theme of my forthcoming book, The Calculus of Life: Navigating our Path to Transcendence. My book uses this as a jumping off (or jumping in!) point for exploring the highest states of Unity consciousness.

Zach was familiar with all of this...he’s all over it. He said he and a best friend who is also an improvisation artist have talked about the transcendental states I describe in my book, but that it is not a subject he gets to talk about with many people. I was thrilled that we could share our experiences of this realm---it was a moment of immediate bonding for us beyond the music world.

Even though Zach describes himself as an amateur trumpet player, by anyone's standards he sounded great! He has a naturally beautiful sound and an inherent musicality that’s just built-in to who he is. Zach has worked in improvisational comedy and acting. He was a regular for most of the ten season run of the TV show The Office, and later starred in the HBO show Silicon Valley.

Zach graciously described our time together as profoundly satisfying. I was thrilled to talk with someone who knows of the most extreme states of expansion my other clients experience---but from beyond the world of music performance or Biodynamic Cranial work. For a video of Zach playing a fancy Monette trumpet named after the highest form of yoga (Raja), just click on the picture on the left of Zach playing the trumpet!

Congratulations on all the exciting new directions you are taking your creative talents Zach... I look forward to staying in touch! 💛🙏

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